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Investigation on spring back of high strength spring steel strip in bending operations

Presentation held at the 7th International Congress of Springs, Springmakers-suppliers-costumers of spring industry, 20. September 2013, Berlin
Untersuchungen zum Rückfederungsverhalten federharter Bänder beim Biegen
: Richter, Karsten; Müller, Roland; Donhauser, Christian; Menzl, Matthias

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Created on: 9.10.2013

2013, 29 Folien
International Congress for Springmakers-Suppliers-Costumers of Spring Industry <7, 2013, Berlin>
Conference Paper, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer IWU ()
Rückfederungsverhalten; Federstahl; federharte Bänder; 1.4310; Biegen; Bihlerautomat; Folgeverbundwerkzeug; Bruderer Stanzautomat

Spring manufactures face an everyday challenge that they have to reach narrow and capable tolerances while having to process band materials with ever increasing strengths. A compensation of spring back in bending operations can be reached on the basis of know-how obtained in years yet there are large dispersions of spring back depending on batch fluctuations, adjustments and wear of the tool active parts. A research project has been set up by German spring manufacturing industry in which a systematic variation of band materials, bending technology and bending velocity / deformation rate is scheduled in order to evaluate their influence on the dispersion of spring back. The planned results shall help reducing costs for adjusting procedures, shutdown times and rejects parts. Objectives, procedural method and first results of this ongoing project "Rückfederungsverhalten federharter Bänder beim Biegen" (IGF 17423 BG) will be presented in this paper.