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Security risk analysis and smart fuzzing in practice

Presentation held at 11th User Conference for Software Quality, Test and Innovation, ASQT 2013, 20. September 2013, Graz
: Schieferdecker, I.; Großmann, J.; Rennoch, A.

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Created on: 26.9.2013

2013, 56 Folien
User Conference for Software Quality, Test and Innovation (ASQT) <11, 2013, Graz>
Presentation, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer FOKUS ()
security testing; model-based testing; fuzzing; risk-based testing

The ITEA project DIAMONDS developed efficient and automated MBST methods for highly secure systems in multiple industrial domains (e.g. banking, automotive, telecommunication, industrial automation etc.). Amongst others, the project has a special focus on advanced model-based security testing methods that combine different security testing techniques to obtain improved results.