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RESPONSIBILITY - Global model and observatory for international responsible research and innovation coordination

Presentation held at Coordinators Meeting Science in Society, Brussels 25/06/2012
: Menevidis, Zaharya

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2012, 14 Folien
Coordinators Meeting Science in Society <2012, Brussels>
Presentation, Electronic Publication
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responsible research and innovation; observatory; ethical implication; common understandig; recommendations; code of conduct; Forum

The RESPONSIBILITY (project aims to create a network of stakeholders that would adopt and diffuse a common understanding in Responsible Research and Innovation between different actors in Europe and around the globe. In doing so it will develop a model and provide a tool for international cooperation, the RESPONSIBILITY Observatory, involving the societal, policy and research stakeholders to these activities. It intends to provide practical means and structure a crucial interaction between society and research, providing a set of recommendations and tools to policy makers and active RRI stakeholders in order to take the necessary measures to nest responsible research and innovation into products and services from the very beginning (efficient RRI by design). Project Title: Global Model and Observatory for International Responsible Research and Innovation Coordination (RESPONSIBILITY) CSA FP7 - SiS.2012.1.2.1-1: International Coordination in the field of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI)