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Knowledge work management and learning arrangements

A task in the ProLearn NoE
: Becker, T.; Karapidis, A.

Auer, M.E.:
The future of learning. CD-ROM : International workshop, Villach/Austria ; interactive computer aided learning / ICL 2004
Kassel: Kassel University Press, 2004
ISBN: 3-89958-089-3
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International Workshop Interactive Computer Aided Learning (ICL) <2004, Villach>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IAO ()

Knowledge work management gives solutions to cope with the consequences of the migration to a "knowledge based economy." The key issues are: New work organisation: new forms of work division; Knowledge product management: Selection, design and implementation of KM tools to support knowledge work as key elements; Organisational learning: Regarding the interaction between competence development and the mutability of companies; Competence development: Design of new HR management for knowledge workers including new career concepts, skill management and life-long learning; Performance & Productivity: Definition of knowledge e-work including quality criteria and standardisation of knowledge e-work processes; Performance Management: Establishing an evaluation and benchmarking model.