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The virtual competence centre of the NoE PROLEARN
: Karapidis, A.; Becker, T.

WSEAS transactions on information science and applications 1 (2004), No.5, pp.1449-1454
ISSN: 1790-0832
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IAO ()
competence centre; professional training; training requirement

The PROLEARN Virtual Competence Centre (VCC) is a platform for Europe's enterprises to be more effective and efficient in their work in order to be more competitive in a global market. The PROLEARN virtual competence centre provides answers and solutions for effective and efficient dissemination of technology enhanced learning themes to industry and trade. The VCC communicate industry and trade requirements to academia and give access to research results. The VCC provides solutions to compile research topics out of concrete requirements. It adapts research results to different national and cultural contexts. There are a lot of joint activities necessary to establish a competence centre for professional training.