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Proposal of generic test procedures for an assessment of Pre-Crash systems. Deliverable report

APROSYS SP 6, European funded project TIP3-CT-2004-506503; Project no. FP6-PLT-506503; Integrated Project on Advanced Protection Systems; AP-SP65-0033-D651- Generic Test Methods
: Willersinn, Dieter

Karlsruhe, 2007, 37 pp.
Fraunhofer IOSB ()

In the APROSYS Sub-project 6, a side impact pre-crash protection system is being developed. In the first work packages of Sub-project 6 the focus was on the development of the sensor systems, sensor fusion, actuator concept and on integration of the different components. In Work package 6.5 the performance of the developed safety system is assessed using the generic evaluation methodology as developed in Work package 1.3. In this methodology which is applicable to a wide range of advanced safety systems, the system is considered from an endusers point of view. In this report, the generic evaluation methodology is followed to develop a system specific evaluation plan. Based on the system description and the application category, a review of accidents studies has been performed to define applicable real world accident scenarios and their relevance. As a next step test conditions have been developed for:
- The assessment of the pre-crash performance. Test conditions have been based on the
accident scenarios, taking into account the system- and test lab limitations.
- The assessment of the crash performance. For this the EuroNCAP side impact protocol
was selected.
- The assessment of the real world performance by the specification of track tests and a
field test, respectively. Although these last tests do also relate to development tests, these tests have been included in the assessment procedure via the relevant supporting information box.
An evaluation plan for the assessment of human machine interaction has not been developed as no significant interaction between the human and the safety system is expected. The results from the system evaluation provide insight in the performance of the system and in the applicability of the various types of tests. The outcome will be provided to Work package 1.3, where the results will be used to review and further develop the generic evaluation methodology.