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Precision- and micromanufacturing for implants

: Schubert, Andreas; Schneider, Jörg; Edelmann, Jan; Groß, Stefan; Meichsner, Gunnar

Dimitrov, Dimitri ; Univ. of Stellenbosch:
Green Manufacturing for a Blue Planet : 30 January-1 February 2013, Stellenbosch; COMA 2013
Stellenbosch, 2013
ISBN: 978-0-7972-1405-7
International Conference on Competitive Manufacturing (COMA) <2013, Stellenbosch/South Africa>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IWU ()
additive manufacturing; LaserCUSING; hip implants; spine implants

This paper analyses the state-of-the-art in customised medical prosthesis with a focus on hip replacement and cervical implants. Based on this analysis, the Selective Laser Melting process in the proprietary form of LaserCUSING is applied to investigate the enhancement on certain properties of hip and cervical cage implants. A special attention is given to the possibilities for the manufacture of a hip implant with surface features; from which antimicrobial loaded bone cement can be eluted. Discussed is also the suitability of the surfaces obtained by LaserCUSING for osseointegration, which forms the prerequisite for successful fusion of cervical cage implants.