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The technological output of scientific institutions

: Schmoch, U.

Moed, H.F.; Glänzel, W.; Schmoch, U.:
Handbook of quantitative science and technology research : The use of publication and patent statistics in studies of S&T systems
Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2004
ISBN: 1-4020-2702-8
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Up to now the contribution of scientific institutions to technology is considered to be primarily indirect. However, an analysis of patent applications of European public research institutions shows that they contribute about one half of all patent applications in selected science-based technology fields in the life sciences and nanotechnology. This findings documents a high direct contribution of science institutions to the generation of technology. The share of public non-profit institutions proves to be important, in particular in early stages of the technology life cycle; scientific institutions obviously play the role of lead actors. A comparison between European and German data reveals a lower, but still quite high share of public research institutes in other areas of science-based technology, so that the general statement of a high direct technology contribution holds. With regard to scientific institutions, patent indicators do not replace, but rather complement publication indicators and reflect an additional dimension of performance.