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Samarium fluorescence efficiency in high mass density borate glasses

: Dyrba, M.; Krause, S.; Pfau, C.; Miclea, P.-T.; Schweizer, S.


Radiation measurements 56 (2013), pp.36-39
ISSN: 1350-4487
International Conference on Luminescence Detectors and Transformers of Ionizing Radiation (LUMDETR) <8, 2012, Halle>
Journal Article, Conference Paper
Fraunhofer CSP ()
samarium; lead borate glasses

A series of Sm3+-doped lead borate glasses with a lead oxide content varying from 20 mol% to 80 mol% is investigated. Raman spectroscopy was used to investigate the influence of the network modifier content on the glass structure, in particular, on the phonon spectrum of the different lead borate glasses. In addition to the significant changes in the glass structure, the lead doping also has a significant influence on the fluorescence properties of Sm3+ co-doped glasses.