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Field-flow fractionation supporting consumer safety evaluation of silver Nanoparticle applications in food packaging polymers

: Bott, Johannes; Tadjiki, S.

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American laboratory 45 (2013), No.4, pp.9-12
ISSN: 0044-7749
Journal Article, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer IVV ()

There is a growing movement toward macromolecular research throughout the chemical industry. Field-flow fractionation (FFF) presents a powerful method of separation and fractionation ideal for the separation of various nano- and macro-sized sample types. Today, FFF's ability to separate large macromolecular structures from solution with minimal sample preparation and without sample matrix interaction has married with the evolving nature of the chemical industry toward nanotechnology. The extent to which the molecules can diffuse back into the channel is dictated by their natural Brownian motion, a characteristic based on size that is unique to each individual species. Smaller particles have a higher Brownian motion than larger ones and are able to diffuse higher into the channel against the carrier flow.