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Audio network-based massive multichannel loudspeaker system for flexible use in spatial audio research

: Reussner, T.; Sladeczek, C.; Rath, M.; Brix, S.; Preidl, K.; Scheck, H.

Journal of the Audio Engineering Society 61 (2013), No.4, pp.235-245
ISSN: 0004-7554
ISSN: 1549-4950
Journal Article
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One of the main research areas in the field of spatial audio is sound field synthesis. This technique uses arrays of loudspeakers to create the sound field of a virtual source in a desired listening area. Practical applications of these techniques are often termed as massive multichannel loudspeaker setups, due to their requirement of a quite large number of loudspeakers. In this paper we present the realization of such a massive multichannel system consisting of up to 640 loudspeakers. It is based on an audio network distributing the audio signals to a grid of amplifiers, where each loudspeaker is fed by an individual signal.We discuss the requirements, features, and major decisions we made during the progress of developing such a reproduction system.