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Gain-switched all-fiber laser with narrow bandwidth

: Larsen, C.; Giesberts, M.; Nyga, S.; Fitzau, O.; Jungbluth, B.; Hoffmann, H.D.; Bang, O.

Postprint (PDF; )

Optics Express 21 (2013), No.10, pp.12302-12308
ISSN: 1094-4087
Journal Article, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer ILT ()

Gain-switching of a CW fiber laser is a simple and cost-effective approach to generate pulses using an all-fiber system. We report on the construction of a narrow bandwidth (below 0.1 nm) gain-switched fiber laser and optimize the pulse energy and pulse duration under this constraint. The extracted pulse energy is 20 jiJ in a duration of 135 ns at 7 kHz. The bandwidth increases for a higher pump pulse energy and repetition rate, and this sets the limit of the output pulse energy. A single power amplifier is added to raise the peak power to the kW-level and the pulse energy to 230 ßJ while keeping the bandwidth below 0.1 nm. This allows frequency doubling in a periodically poled lithium tantalate crystal with a reasonable conversion efficiency.