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Synthesis of in situ functionalized iron oxide nanoparticles presenting alkyne groups via a continuous process using near-critical and supercritical water

: Daschner de Tercero, M.; Gonzáles Martínez, I.; Herrmann, M.; Bruns, M.; Kübel, C.; Jennewein, S.; Fehrenbacher, U.; Barner, L.; Türk, M.


Journal of Supercritical Fluids 82 (2013), pp.83-95
ISSN: 0896-8446
Journal Article
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The preparation of iron oxide nanoparticle dispersions of varying properties (e.g. color, crystal structure, particle size distribution) in a continuous hydrothermal pilot plant operating under near-critical and supercritical conditions with the aim of producing in situ functionalized nanoparticles suitable for secondary functionalization via click chemistry is reported. The effect of varying the mixing setup, reaction temperature and the starting material (iron salt) in the presence of different carboxylic acids on the resulting nanoparticle dispersions was investigated. The stability of the clickable ligands in the harsh hydrothermal environment was also tested and the clickability of the functionalized particles was demonstrated by means of XPS and fluorescence measurements after model click reactions.