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A novel handheld fluorescent microarray reader for point-of-care diagnostic

: Kozma, P.; Lehmann, A.; Wunderlich, K.; Michel, D.; Schumacher, S.; Ehrentreich-Förster, E.; Bier, F.F.


Biosensors & bioelectronics 47 (2013), pp.415-420
ISSN: 0956-5663
ISSN: 1873-4235
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IBMT ()

A novel handheld optical sensor for quantification of fluorescent microarrays, the so-called portMD-113 has been developed. On the surface of a planar waveguide, the spots of different fluorescently labeled biological complexes are excited by the evanescent field of the guided light. The emitted fluorescence signals of the spots are independently and simultaneously detected applying our system, which consists of a pinehole array, a microlens array, an interference filter and a detector array. As it is demonstrated in comparative measurements, the detection limit of this sensor is close to that of commercial top microarray readers, e.g. of modern laser scanners, while it has remarkable and important advantages over them. Namely, the device comprises only a few low-cost, lightweight and small components without applying any moving or energy-intensive elements, which results in turn in a commercially competitive, handheld and compact design and in the possibility to be sup plied simply by a battery or a personal computer. These advantageous properties open prospects e.g. for point-of-care medical checks, as well.