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Compact high-repetition-rate source of coherent 100 eV radiation

: Pupeza, I.; Holzberger, S.; Eidam, T.; Carstens, H.; Esser, D.; Weitenberg, J.; Rußbüldt, P.; Rauschenberger, J.; Limpert, J.; Udem, T.; Tünnermann, A.; Hänsch, T.W.; Apolonski, A.; Krausz, F.; Fill, E.


Nature photonics 7 (2013), No.8, pp.608-612
ISSN: 1749-4885
ISSN: 1749-4893
Journal Article
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Coherently enhancing laser pulses in a passive cavity provides ideal conditions for high-order harmonic generation in a gas, with repetition rates around 100 MHz (refs 1,2,3). Recently, extreme-ultraviolet radiation with photon energies of up to 30 eV was obtained, which is sufficiently bright for direct frequency-comb spectroscopy at 20 eV (ref. 4). Here, we identify a route to scaling these radiation sources to higher photon energies. We demonstrate that the ionization-limited attainable intracavity peak intensity increases with decreasing pulse duration. By enhancing nonlinearly compressed pulses of an Yb-based laser and coupling out the harmonics through a pierced cavity mirror, we generate spatially coherent 108 eV (11.45 nm) radiation at 78 MHz. Exploiting the full potential of the demonstrated techniques will afford high-photon-flux ultrashort-pulsed extreme-ultraviolet sources for a number of applications in science and technology, including photoelectron spectroscopy, coincidence spectroscopy with femtosecond to attosecond resolution and characterization of components and materials for nanolithography.