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Multiplayer audio-only game: Pong on a massive multichannel loudspeaker system

: Neidhardt, A.; Rüppel, A.


Floros, A.:
7th Audio Mostly Conference on A Conference on Interaction with Sound, AM 2012. Proceedings
New York: ACM Press, 2012
ISBN: 978-1-4503-1569-2 (print)
Audio Mostly Conference <7, 2012, Corfu>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IDMT ()

Interactive auditory displays are an interesting possibility presenting information in an alternative way. There have been lots of interesting works using binaural techniques. The use of a loudspeaker system has the advantage that more people can listen to the same data simultaneously. One application, where this is very important, is the audio gaming domain, as multiplayer games are usually more exciting. Additionally, the use of a loudspeaker system allows different dimensions of the game design. The main challenge in developing an interactive auditory display for a loudspeaker system is the design of the data sonification and the interaction for data exploration. In this paper we present an example implementation of such an interactive auditory display. The famous game Pong has been implemented using an audio-only loudspeaker display instead of a graphical. The goal of this investigation is to gather more experience in the perception of spatial audioonly representati on of information.