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Interactions among tobacco sieve element occlusion (SEO) proteins

: Jekat, S.B.; Ernst, A.M.; Zielonka, S.; Noll, G.A.; Prüfer, D.


Plant signaling & behavior 7 (2012), No.12, pp.1724-1726
ISSN: 1559-2316
ISSN: 1559-2324
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IME ()

Angiosperms transport their photoassimilates through sieve tubes, which comprise longitudinally-connected sieve elements. In dicots and also some monocots, the sieve elements contain parietal structural proteins known as phloem proteins or P-proteins. Following injury, P-proteins disperse and accumulate as viscous plugs at the sieve plates to prevent the loss of valuable transport sugars. Tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum) P-proteins are multimeric complexes comprising subunits encoded by members of the SEO (sieve element occlusion) gene family. The existence of multiple subunits suggests that P-protein assembly involves interactions between SEO proteins, but this process is largely uncharacterized and it is unclear whether the different subunits perform unique roles or are redundant. We therefore extended our analysis of the tobacco P-proteins NtSEO1 and NtSEO2 to investigate potential interactions between them, and found that both proteins can form homomeric and heteromeric complexes in planta.