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High-resolution 3-5 µm/8-12mm dual-band quantum well infrared photodetector array

: Schneider, H.; Maier, T.; Fleißner, J.; Walther, M.; Koidl, P.; Weimann, G.; Cabanski, W.; Finck, M.; Menger, P.; Rode, W.; Ziegler, J.


Electronics Letters 40 (2004), No.13, pp.831-833
ISSN: 0013-5194
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IAF ()
Qwip; infrared; Infrarot; GaAs/AlGaAs; thermal imaging camera; Wärmebildkamera; focal plane array; Bildfeldmosaik; NETD; noise-equivalent temperature difference; Rauschäquivalente Temperaturauflösung

A dual-band focal plane array (FPA) for the 8-12 mu and 3-5 mu atmospheric windows with simultaneous integration in both spectral bands on each pixel is reported. The FPA is based on quantum well infrared photodetectors and comprises 384 x 288 pixels with 40 mu pitch. At 7.6 ms integration time and an f/2 aperture, the FPA achieves excellent thermal resolution with noise-equivalent temperature differences of 17 mK (3-5 mu) and 43 mK (8-12 mu).