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Sterilization of polymer foils with dielectric barrier discharges at atmospheric pressure

: Heise, M.; Neff, W.; Franken, O.; Muranyi, P.; Wunderlich, J.


Plasmas and polymers 9 (2004), No.1, pp.23-33
ISSN: 1084-0184
Journal Article
Fraunhofer ILT ()
Fraunhofer IVV ()
dielectric barrier discharge; plasma; UV; sterilization; spore

The emission of UV light as well as chemical reaction in plasmas allow them to be used for decontamination of food packaging. Sterilization efficiency of different dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) setups at atmospheric pressure was investigated for spores of B. subtilis and A. niger sprayed onto PET foils. In normal DBDs the efficiency of spore reduction in different gases (nitrogen, argon, synthetic air) can be related to the UV spectra of these gases in the discharge. With special so-called cascaded dielectric barrier discharges (CDBDs) a fast reduction of viable cells by more than four orders of magnitude is possible within few seconds, even for UV resistant cells. The sealing properties of commonly used PE-PET-laminate can be maintained in CDBD which is not observed for single-gap DBD.