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Impact of band structure and absorber dynamics on self-Q-switching in GaN-based multisection laser diodes at high reverse bias

: Holc, K.; Weig, T.; Köhler, K.; Wagner, J.; Schwarz, U.T.


Applied physics express 6 (2013), No.8, Art. 084101, 4 pp.
ISSN: 1882-0778
ISSN: 1882-0786
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IAF ()

Self-Q-switching in GaN-based multisection laser diodes (MS-LDs) is investigated. The influence of the absorption on threshold currents and charge carrier lifetimes in the absorber section are measured and discussed in the context of the band structure at high reverse bias. Our system employs a bowtie geometry, i.e., with the absorber section positioned in the center of the laser cavity and a tapered shape of the laser ridge. The shortest pulses were in the 10 picosecond range, obtained at a constant reverse bias of 36 V applied to the absorber section, the gain section was driven at 0.57 A. The emission wavelength was around 405 nm.