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Modelling and analysis of execution traces for real-time applications

: Ramamurthy, Preethi
: Rafiq, Salman; Wong, Stephan; Bertels, Koen; Zaidman, Andy

Delft, 2013, 64 pp.
Delft, TU, Master Thesis, 2013
Master Thesis
Fraunhofer ESK ()
execution trace; software; modeling; debugging; performance analysis; embedded system; multicore

The need for increased computing capability and more diverse hardware with its evermore complex topologies continues to grow. The use of multicore processors, which is quite established in the desktop computers, is gaining importance in the embedded systems for industrial applications. Because of the complexity of the environment and the special requirements for these applications, the embedded multicore processors require optimized software architectures and the corresponding design methods.Performance optimization is often based on the detailed knowledge of program behavior. One such option to obtain information of program behavior is software tracing, which forms the core of this thesis work. Software tracing is being used for a while now to identify faults, anomalies and bottlenecks in sequential and parallel applications. Tracing is not only limited to collecting and recording the event data from applications, but also to utilize the trace data in a meaningful way for further analysis and visualization. It is also not trivial to classify or analyze the trace data, especially when the amount of trace data exceed a million of events per second. For this reason, there is a need to create a high level model of trace data. In this thesis, we look at the theoretical model which describes the classifcation of trace events and also the relation between the events in a trace. The context for performing analysis on trace events is also analysed in detail. Based on the model, we have also created a prototype tool using Eclipse Modelling Framework (EMF) which performs the analysis on traces from real time applications.