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Micro coils for an advanced system for measuring intraocular pressure

: Ullerich, S.; Mokwa, W.; Bögel, G. vom; Schnakenberg, U.


Dittmar, A. ; IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society -EMBS-:
1st Annual International IEEE-EMBS Special Topic Conference on Microtechnologies in Medicine and Biology 2000. Proceedings
Piscataway, NJ: IEEE, 2000
pp.470-474 : Lit.
International Special Topic Conference on Microtechnologies in Medicine and Biology <1, 2000, Lyon>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IMS ()
implantation; intraocular pressure; pressure sensor; telemetry; transponder; sensor; micro coil; Meßaufnehmer; transponder; Telemetrie; Drucksensor; Implantat; intraocular pressure

A miniaturised transponder system consisting of a chip and a micro coil for measuring intraocular pressure continuously is presented. The system will be integrated in the haptic of a soft artificial intraocular lens. Calculations show that the capacitance of the coil influences the DC voltage drop significantly. With respect to a reliable system function a 20 µm thick coil with an outer diameter of 10.3 mm, an inner diameter of 7.7 mm, 16 windings and a gap of 20 µm between the windings was selected. Measurements show a good agreement between calculated and measured values. Wireless pressure measurements were carried out showing a linear behaviour of the output signal with respect to the applied pressure.