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Verfahren zur Beschickung von Probenkammern mit Suspensionsproben

Loading sample chamber with biological suspension samples for cryogenic preservation, positions separated, partial samples in sample chamber.
: Fuhr, G.; Zimmermann, H.; Hagedorn, R.

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DE 2002-10251721 A: 20021106
DE 2002-10251721 A: 20021106
WO 2003-EP12357 A: 20031105
DE 10251721 A1: 20040527
WO 2004042341 A3: 20040624
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Es werden eine Kryospeichervorrichtung und ein Verfahren zur Beschickung einer Probenkammer (10) mit einer Suspensionsprobe (20), insbesondere fuer die Kryokonservierung biologischer Proben, beschrieben, bei denen in der Probenkammer (10) eine Positionierung von Teilproben (21, 22, 23, ...) erfolgt, die durch gasgefuellte Freiraeume (30) voneinander getrennt sind.


WO2004042341 A UPAB: 20040621 NOVELTY - Partial samples (21, 22, 23) are positioned in the sample chamber (10) and are separated from each other, by the gas-filled empty spaces (30). DETAILED DESCRIPTION - An INDEPENDENT CLAIM is included for suitable cryogenic storage equipment. USE - To load a sample chamber with biological suspension samples for cryogenic preservation. The samples may include e.g. transfusion media or transplant organs. The smallest of biological samples, down to cell components may be stored, in the pursuit of cell biology or molecular biotechnology. ADVANTAGE - Storage methods are improved, especially in avoiding contamination and permitting selective, partial extraction of samples. Various forms of hollow cylinders or tubes may be used for storage, including a Hamilton syringe. A compartmentalized storage unit is described for the partial samples.