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Pulse plating of platinum on aligned multiwalled carbon nanotubes

: Schneider, M.; Weiser, M.; Dörfler, S.; Althues, H.; Kaskel, S.; Michaelis, A.


Surface engineering 29 (2013), No.6, pp.427-433
ISSN: 0267-0844
ISSN: 1743-2944
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IKTS ()
platinum; pulse plating; electrochemical deposition; multiwalled carbon nanotubes; voltammetry

In the present study, the electrochem. deposition (ECD) of platinum particles on aligned multiwalled carbon nanotube (MWCNT) arrays as novel membrane electrode assembly (MEA) in polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells was investigated. The ECD was performed using the pulse plating technique and an electrolyte based on potassium tetranitroplatinate(II) salt. The MWCNTs were produced on thin nickel foils by chem. vapor deposition. The MWCNT arrays were electrochem. characterised by cyclic voltammetry in sulfuric acid. The platinum functionalisation of the MWCNT arrays was also investigated by cyclic voltammetry and by SEM. The final prepn. of the MEA functionalised MWCNT on Nafion was performed by a hot pressing process.