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Verfahren und Vorrichtung zum Behandeln von Oberflaechen

Assembly to treat material surface, e.g. degrease metal foil, has electrodes tightly against surface to give homogenous surface discharge.
: Heise, M.; Pietsch, G.; Hulka, L.; Trompeter, F.; Neff, W.; Franken, O.; Saveliev, A.

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DE 2003-10300439 A: 20030109
DE 2003-10300439 A: 20030109
DE 10300439 A1: 20040722
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Vorrichtung zum Behandeln von Oberflaechen eines Werkstoffes, mit einer aus mindestens zwei elektrisch leitfaehigen Elektroden (1, 2) bestehenden Elektrodenanordnung. Um eine moeglichst homogene Oberflaechenentladung (E) auf der zu behandelnden Oberflaeche (11) des Werkstoffes (10) zu erreichen, wird die Vorrichtung so ausgebildet, dass diese Elektroden (1, 2) derart dicht zur Oberflaeche angeordnet sind, dass Oberflaechenentladungen oder koplanare Entladungen anregbar sind.


DE 10300439 A UPAB: 20040813 NOVELTY - To treat a material surface, e.g. to degrease a metal foil, an electrode assembly comprises at least two electrically conductive electrodes (1,2). The electrodes are placed tightly against the material, for the most homogenous possible surface discharge (E) at the surface (11) of the workpiece material (10), so that surface discharges or coplanar discharges are activated as the workpiece material is moved (30) through the electrodes. A dielectric (20) is between the earthed electrode and the workpiece material. The power is an excitation voltage (U1) of up to 20 kV, as an alternating voltage or a pulsed direct voltage with a pulse length of at most 1 microns s. USE - The system is for treating a material surface, e.g. degreasing a metal foil, the removal of an oxide layer from a substrate, cleaning, sterilizing, disinfecting, modification or coating surfaces. ADVANTAGE - The assembly prevents the formation of a discharge zone, giving a homogenous discharge along the material surface at right angles to the electrode.