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High performance screen printed PZT thick film actuators by in-plane mode of excitation

: Ernst, D.; Bramlage, B.; Gebhardt, S.; Schönecker, A.

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Electroceramics for End-users VII Conference 2013 : 17th - 20th March 2013, Les Arcs, France, PIEZO 2013
Les Arcs, 2013
Electroceramics for End-Users Conference <7, 2013, Les Arcs>
Conference Paper, Electronic Publication
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Thick film technology is widely used for Micro-Electro-Mechanical-Systems (MEMS) applications. Piezoelectric thick films in particular facilitate miniaturization while obtaining good properties and performance of the piezoceramic component. These films mostly use the d31 effect with a through-thickness mode of excitation. Using the d33 effect would increase MEMS performance. We analyzed the force/displacement characteristics of in-plane polarized PZT thick film cantilever structures regarding the element length and the gap between interdigitated electrodes (IDE). Due to d33 about -2 × d31 free displacement and blocking force of cantilevers with IDE-structures reach twice the values obtained on cantilevers with through-thickness mode of excitation. Performance variations dependin g on the electrode gap can be explained by the electrical field distribution which is calculated using ANSYS.