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Towards network-wide energy estimation for adaptive embedded systems

: Heinrich, Patrick

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Created on: 27.6.2013

Bunse, Christian (Hrsg.):
2nd Workshop EASED@BUIS 2013. Energy Aware Software-Engineering and Development. Proceedings : 25. April 2013, Oldenburg, held in conjunction with the 5th BUIS-Days: IT-based resource and energy management, 15. Tagung der Fachgruppe Betriebliche Umweltinformationssysteme der Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V.
Oldenburg: Carl von Ossietzky Universität, 2013 (Oldenburg Lecture Notes in Software Engineering 4/2013)
Workshop "Energy Aware Software-Engineering and Development" (EASED@BUIS) <2, 2013, Oldenburg>
Gesellschaft für Informatik, Fachgruppe Betriebliche Umweltinformationssysteme (BUIS Tagung) <15, 2013, Oldenburg>
Conference Paper, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer ESK ()
embedded systems; energy-efficiency; network-wide optimization; adaptive systems; automotive

This paper discusses the next steps towards how system developers can easily and accurately evaluate the impact of their system design choices on energy consumption during the early stages of the design process. To do this, energy estimations in every phase of system development are necessary. Our research focuses on adaptive systems, where applications are activated according to the actual need. In this paper we present an approach which derives the energy consumption per application using a combination of energyrelevant software and hardware parameters. The aim is to create energy building blocks for applications to estimate the energy consumption of a system with multiple pplications running on it. This approach utilizes the high environmental interaction of embedded systems where sensors and actors consume more energy than CPUs. The granularity of the energy estimation is the application level, due to focusing on adaptive systems.