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Identification of determinants and development of a productivity framework in the services sector

: Gotsch, Matthias; Hipp, Christiane; Schwarz, Claudia; Weber, Lars

Economies et sociétés. EGS, Série Economie et gestion des services 14 (2013), No.3-4, pp.531-574
Journal Article
Fraunhofer ISI ()

The service industry significantly contributes to gross value added and employment. However, it is difficult to make generic statements about service productivity because of the distinct nature and heterogeneity of services. The present work will address productivity improvements being subject to multiple causes. Through a structured literature review of relevant empirical studies, the drivers of service productivity are identified in the context of a meta-study. All complex interactions of the determinants are presented in an illustration and a dynamic productivity loop framework is generated, taking into account the many possible factors and the heterogeneous characteristics of the services sector.