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Procedure for multi-material modelling of concept and design prototypes

: Grzesiak, A.; Biesinger, B.

Association Française de Prototypage Rapide:
Prototypage and Fabrication Rapide : Les 10e Assises Européennes du Prototypage Rapide. 14 and 15 septembre 2004, Paris. Actes des conférences
Paris, 2004
Assises Européenes du Prototypage Rapide <10, 2004, Paris>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPA ()
modelling; rapid manufacturing; rapid prototyping; Qualitätssteuerung; quality control; Prototyp; Produktentwicklung; Konstruktion; Design

A concept and realisation of an experimental system that allows building a multi-materail prototype using the layer-by-layer technique is presented in this paper. The research involves testing of a combination of different materials and fundamental analysis about material combinations and application principles. It consists of two identically constructed extruders, which are addressed via their own control system. Hereby it became possible to use two different materials for the layer-by-layer manufacturing of a construction unit. The advantage of this almost geometry-independent arrangement consists of using both extrusions on one slice level. Thermoplastic materials were considered for this purpose (e.g. adhesion characteristics) and a quality control system was adapted in order to adjust process parameters accurately.