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Approaches for the simulation of deformable objects in manufacturing systems

Verfahren zur Simulation produktionstechnischer System unter der Berücksichtigung formlabilen Objektverhaltens
: Reinhart, Gunther; Stich, Peter

Industrial and Systems Engineering Review : ISER 1 (2013), No.1, pp.68-74
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IWU ()
physically based simulation; Virtual Commissioning (VC); mechatronic; manufacturing system

The validation of control software using methods of Virtual Commissioning (VC), with its origin in the field of machine tools, gains more and more importance in other application areas like process engineering or material-flow-intensive production systems. Especially because of the increasing complexity of technical systems the validation of the control software quality is a major challenge in production technology. To reduce the efforts of modeling and to increase the value of simulation results, a so-called physically model is integrated in the VC. Currently the physically based Virtual Commissioning is restricted to rigid body simulation objects. In this publication new methods for the simulation of deformable objects are shown and validated in an industrial context. Therefore the hybridization of existing simulation methods from computer science using so called physic engines is introduced as a method that simplifies the description of complex simulation objects by adapting well known simulation models. The new approach is comparable to a mixture of a multi body simulation and a real-time finite element simulation.