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ElectroGraph - Graphene-based electrodes for application in supercapacitors

: Kosidlo, Urszula

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Created on: 28.5.2013

IDTechEX, Berlin:
Printed Electronics Europe 2013 : Energy Harvesting & Storage Europe; 17-18 April 2013, Berlin, Germany
Berlin, 2013
21 Folien
Conference "Printed Electronics Europe and Energy Harvesting & Storage Europe" <2013, Berlin>
European Commission EC
Conference Paper, Electronic Publication
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Elektrode; Energiespeicher; Graphene; supercapacitor; ElectroGraph; Carbon Nanotube (CNT); Nanotechnology; Superkondensator; Elektronik; Kondensator; Kapazität (Kondensator)

The ElectroGraph project follows an integrated, technology driven approach in development of novel materials and components for realization of optimized supercapacitors. These are considered one of the newest innovations in the field of electrical energy storage. To design a supercapacitor with high energy and power density, it is crucial to select the correct electrode materials and the most suitable electrolytes. That is why ElectroGraph project focuses on development and use of graphene as electrode component and use of ionic liquids as electrolyte. Development of production processes for materials, components and devices is an integral part of the project. At the end the performance of materials and components is to be demonstrated on the functional model. Together with the technological development, the experience-based understanding of appropriate practices for the safe production, processing and recycling of graphene nanomaterials is being generated, and will facilitate the development of guidance on risk management and best available techniques to minimize and control any health risks to manufacturers, downstream users and the environment.