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Diffusion of energy-efficient technologies

: Fleiter, Tobias; Plötz, Patrick


Shogren, Jason F. (Ed.):
Encyclopedia of Energy, Natural Resource, and Environmental Economics. Vol.1: ENERGY
Amsterdam: Elsevier, 2013
ISBN: 978-0-12-375067-9
ISBN: 978-0-08-096452-2
Book Article
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Improving energy efficiency is a key strategy in the development of a more sustainable global energy system. Understanding the diffusion of energy-efficient technologies (EETs) and its determinants is a critical basis for designing policies that aim to improve energy efficiency.
Here, we present an overview of the dynamics of EET diffusion and its determinants. We draw on general findings from the diffusion of innovations and derive the specific factors of EET diffusion. Because diffusion can be regarded as a sequence of decisions by individual users to adopt single technologies, we particularly review the determinants of EET adoption and stress the role of barriers to adoption. Before we illustrate the theoretical discussion by describing the diffusion process of four example technologies, we draw attention to the dynamic aspects of EET diffusion. The technology case studies not only reveal the crucial diffusion factors but also analyze the role of policies and their success in accelerating diffusion.