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A comprehensive model for the diffusion of boron in silicon in presence of fluorine

Ein umfassendes Modell für die Diffusion von Bor in Silicium in der Gegenwart von Fluor
: Wolf, F. Alexander; Martinez-Limia, Alberto; Pichler, Peter


Solid-State Electronics 87 (2013), pp.4-10
ISSN: 0038-1101
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IISB ()
diffusion model; boron; fluorine; silicon; fluorinevacancy clusters; amorphization

We present a fully calibrated and parameterized model for the diffusion of boron in silicon in the presence of fluorine. This model reproduces experiments for a wide range of different experimental conditions including non-amorphizing, partially amorphizing, and fully amorphizing ion implantation. It is physical in the sense that fluorine interacts with boron indirectly via point defects. The model extends existing work consistently and is computationally more efficient. It should be suitable for the description of a large variety of experimental conditions from the emerging field of BF3 plasma implantation in photovoltaics to the field of ultra-shallow junctions.