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Effective Recycling of Valuable Plastics by Selective Extraction

Effektives Recycling verwertbarer Plastikabfälle durch Selektive Extraktion
: Knauf, U.; Mäurer, A.; Luck, T.

Barrage, A.; Edelmann, Xaver ; Eidgenössische Materialprüfungs- und Forschungsanstalt -EMPA-, Dübendorf/St. Gallen:
Recovery, Recycling, Re-integration. Collected Papers of the R'99 World Congress. Vol.4: Biological processes, chemical processes
St. Gallen: EMPA, 1999
ISBN: 3-905555-19-0
Recovery, Recycling, Re-Integration International Congress (R) <1999, Genf>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IVV ()
compound; contamination; dissolving; extraction; Extraktion; Fällen; Kunststoff; Lösen; Mischung; mixture; pilot plant; Pilotanlage; plastics; precipitation; recycling; refining potential; Reinigungspotential; selective; selektiv; Verbund; Verschmutzung

Selective extraction, a new recycling method, provides the potential for obtaining pure recyclates with original properties out of postconsumer plastic mixtures. The essential steps involved are selectively dissolving the target polymer, refining the polymer solution and precipitating the target polymer from the solution. Selective extraction allows one to remove externally adherent contamination and, unlike methods employing melt technologies, it allows one to remove contaminants from the original polymer matrix. This technology has been investigated for different polymer-solvent systems as well as for different applications with their corresponding circumstances and objectives.