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Thick sheet clinching

Joining up to 20 mm total thickness
Dickblechclinchen: Fügen bis 20 mm Gesamblechdicke
: Israel, Markus; Mauermann, Reinhard; Schellnock, Julia

Advanced Shipping and Ocean Engineering : ASOE 2 (2013), No.1, pp.1-10
ISSN: 2306-7675
ISSN: 2306-7667
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IWU ()
clinching; shipbuilding; joining by forming

Clinching as an alternative joining technology to welding today is restricted to thin sheet metal. There is no experience in clinching thick sheets. Thus the need arises to predict the process conditions by experimental and numerical analysis. This paper demonstrates investigations in both fields to understand the chances and limits of thick sheet clinching in shipbuilding industry.