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Success factors of innovation networks - a case study of the German "insti" network - delivering innovation services to SMEs

: Levermann, A.; Paoletti, F.; Kohn, S.

Hosni, Y.A. ; International Association for Management of Technology:
From information to knowledge to competences. Key success factors for innovation and sustainable development. CD-ROM : The 12th International Conference on Management of Technology, IAMOT 2003, May 13-15, 2003, Nancy, France
Nancy, France, 2003
International Conference on Management of Technology (IAMOT) <12, 2003, Nancy, Frankreich>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer TEG ()
Innovationsmanagement; Innovationsprozeß; network; Netzwerk; Partnerschaft; Innovation; Zusammenarbeit

Improvement of the innovation infrastructure for SMEs is one of the main political and economical targets in many countries today. A prominent role is played by innovation networks of various kinds and structures and it is important to understand the crucial success factors of such a network in order to improve existing clusters or to set up new, more efficient systems.
In this paper we present our research based on an case study approach on the largest German innovation network "insti". The network consists of more than 30 partners providing services for mainly SME for over 6 years and covers all aspects of innovation management.
Data from about 250 projects and a customer satisfaction survey have been analysed and show main demands and objectives from SMEs as well as their preferred way of co-operation with external partners. On the other hands, important aspects in delivering high class customer-oriented services are derived from data and are interpreted, like securing quick response, high quality, real partnering and still an "all-from-one-hand" project for the customer. Further identified success factors in order for an network to work properly include the motivation to co-operate and to exchange know-how as well as common objectives and a reliable and equal quality of service.
Since "insti" is a very successful network, it can be an example for others. This paper will help innovation service networks to set themselves up or improve themselves towards a more successful, customer-oriented alliance by having a better understanding of the crucial factors in collaborations with SMEs.