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Software diversity: State of the art and perspectives

: Schäfer, Ina; Rabiser, Rick; Clarke, Dave; Bettini, Lorenzo; Benavides, David; Botterweck, Goetz; Pathak, Animesh; Trujillo, Salvador; Villela, Karina


International journal on software tools for technology transfer 14 (2012), No.5, pp.477-495
ISSN: 1433-2779
ISSN: 1433-2787
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IESE ()
variability; software product line

Diversity is prevalent in modern software systems to facilitate adapting the software to customer requirements or the execution environment. Diversity has an impact on all phases of the software development process. Appropriate means and organizational structures are required to deal with the additional complexity introduced by software variability. This introductory article to the special section "Software Diversity-Modeling, Analysis and Evolution" provides an overview of the current state of the art in diverse systems development and discusses challenges and potential solutions. The article covers requirements analysis, design, implementation, verification and validation, maintenance and evolution as well as organizational aspects. It also provides an overview of the articles which are part of this special section and addresses particular issues of diverse systems development.