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Mit TPM Veränderungen beherrschen

: Heller, Thomas

Bandow, Gerhard (Hrsg.):
InFo 2013 Veränderung beherrschen - Exzellente Lösungen aus Praxis und Wissenschaft : Tagungsband zum 15. InstandhaltungsForum der Technischen Universität Dortmund; 22. und 23. März 2013
Dortmund: Praxiswissen Service, 2013 (Forum Vision Instandhaltung)
ISBN: 978-3-86975-076-7
InstandhaltungsForum (InFo) <15, 2013, Dortmund>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IML ()
Total Productive Management (TPM); TPM; Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)

Always being able to adapt to new challenges of the market and the development of one's own company are two main topics of every board meeting. Furthermore in general every company is willing to achieve the economic and social maximum from their activities. These aspects unite the demand for a continuous possibility of change appropriate to every situation.
Total Productive Management (TPM) can be regarded as a tool with different elements and methods to keep all necessary evolutions and changes under control and head them in the correct direction. Thus all measures form a consistent picture of the company instead of contradicting each other. In addition TPM results in a continuous, never ending way of collecting, generating and realising ideas of improvement.
Making use of the whole skills, knowledge and potentials of every employee is key to TPM. After identifying weaknesses and potentials with various TPM-methods there a given other methods to optimize the performance of the eyed plants and machines. As a team the different hierarchies and divisions work hand in hand to increase the performance of the company on a long-term basis.