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Simulation and Information Systems Design: Applications in Latvian Ports

Results of the Copernicus 1998 Project DAMACH-HP
: Demyanov, I.; Ginters, E.; Grecov, V.; Gribkova, V.; Kamperman, E.; Kindler, E.; Lorenz, P.; Merkuryev, Y.
: Blümel, E.; Novitsky, L.

Riga: Luni Ltd., 2000, 155 pp.
ISBN: 9984-606-73-2
Fraunhofer IFF ()
port; simulation

Some three years ago the results of the EU-funded Concerted Action AMCAI were published in the book "Managing and Controlling Growing Harbour Terminals". The Riga Harbour Container Terminal served a multinational network of scientists as the background for co-ordinating their scientific studies in the areas of modelling, simulation and visualisation. The authors selected the adjective "growing" for the title of this book with the awareness that not only the flows of goods through the Riga Commercial Port would grow but so too the increasing complexity of the logistic processes associated with this which require innovative methods and techniques for their control. With the progressive restructuring of Latvian transport, growing tasks are in fact emerging for the co-ordination of transport processes with overlapping structures. After the successful conclusion of the AMCAI project, the need arose to employ the existing network of experts and their experience in con crete support projects for maritime companies and to process their results to make further use of them. Thus was born the idea for the project Further Development and Practical Application of Harbour Processes Managing and Controlling Models, Methods and Techniques (DAMAC-HP).