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Accelerated precision manufacturing through electro discharge machining with ultrasonic vibration assistance

Erhöhte Bearbeitungsgeschwindigkeit in der Präzisionsfertigung durch Ultraschallunterstützte Funkenerosion
: Zeidler, Henning; Hahn, Martin; Schneider, Jörg; Hackert-Oschätzchen, Matthias; Schubert, Andreas

Ognjanovic, M. ; University of Belgrade:
Danubia-Adria Symposium on Advances in Experimental Mechanics 2012 : September 26th-29th, 2012, Belgrade, Serbia
Belgrade: Planeta Print, 2012
ISBN: 978-86-7083-762-1
Symposium on Advances in Experimental Mechanics <29, 2012, Belgrade>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IWU ()
accelerated precision manufacturing; Electro Discharge Machining; EDM; ultrasonic vibration assistance

Electro Discharge Machining (EDM) is an established process in the die- and toolmaking sector. Since it is independent of material hardness, brittleness or toughness and can use easy to machine tool electrode material, it is especially suitable for micro machining [1]. It is widely used in the production of nozzles such as applied in high-pressure diesel common rail or gasoline injection systems. Typical other applications are spinnerets or micro cavities in injection moulding tools. However, for deep and high-aspect-ratio bores, the insufficient flushing is limiting performance and precision. Especially for bore diameters of less than 150µm the machining speed is dramatically reduced [2]. The application of ultrasonic vibration to the workpiece was investigated and proven to affect the micro-EDM process in a very positive way. Not only a major stabilisation, but also a speed enhancement of up to 50% compared to an optimised conventional process could be achieved.