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Integrating production and disribution in automotive networks by a holstic system of objectives and influencing factors

: Klennert, Manuel; Schwede, Christian

Öyli, Juuso (Ed.):
NOFOMA 2012, 24th Annual Nordic Logistics Research Network Conference. Proceedings : 7.-8. Juni 2012 Naantali, Finland
Naantali, 2012
Annual Nordic Logistics Research Network Conference (NOFOMA) <24, 2012, Naantali/Finland>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IML ()
objective system; indicator system; holistic; distribution; production; automotive

Purpose of paper
Saturated markets and new competitors from East-Asia raise the pressure of competition in automotive manufacturing (Mößmer et al., 2007, page 4). A pressing need for optimization of processes is the consequence. The optimization potential of internal processes of distinct functions, e.g. production, has already been targeted with diverse efforts and improvement possibilities are nearly exhausted, yet a holistic approach that overcomes boundaries of organizational functions remains missing. The functions of distribution logistics and production are such an example.
Design / methodology / approach
The benefits of partial cooperation have indeed already been addressed (Schwede et. al., 2011), yet a holistic analysis of the overall potential remains an open task. Thus in this paper, analyzing interdependent exigencies of the different actors via interviews and discussions with experts, a system of objectives has been developed.
Findings. The paper addresses both the aspects of production and distribution, integrating the diverse requirements of the different interacting network types within the distribution network as well as the effect of variability or unpredictable demands on the interdependent planning procedures and the network 's robustness. Goals are classified and additionally integrated into the existing KPI-Framework Model (Keller, 2009). Analysis of influences on each goal has led to a description of key performance indicators, capturing a mathematical and descriptive
method of measuring the effectiveness of existing concepts and new strategies. Value of paper The designed objective systems suits as basis for future work on heterarchical collaboration.