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Resource-Efficient Maintenance Logistics

Presentation of the Joint Research Project (Ressourcenefiziente Instandhaltungslogistik - ResIH), ICLS 2012, Seoul, Korea
: Anlahr, Thomas; Heller, Thomas

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Created on: 31.1.2013

2012, 16 Folien
International Congress on Logistics and SCM Systems (ICLS) <7, 2012, Seoul>
Presentation, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer IML ()
EffizienzCluster; Effizienz Cluster; LogistikRuhr; Logistik Ruhr; intralogistics; maintenance; reduction of waste

This paper will show steps towards a more resource-efficient way of maintenance logistics. Content of interest within this topic will be in the intralogistics sector as well as in the field of maintenance. Nearly every resource is only available in finite amounts and even in our days a shortage is recognized in more and more areas. And this goes far beyond the general oil depletion debate. In industry as well as in research there have been different approaches towards an improvement in resource-efficiency and therefor a limiting of the environmental impact. Mainly these efforts were only done in the field of production / production processes [2]. Fields like intralogistics and maintenance were not recognized and considered, with the consequence that especially in these areas is a great potential of optimization, which is untouched up to now. The joint research project Resource-Efficient Maintenance Logistics ;;ResIH" from the EfficiencyCluster ,,LogistikRuhr" is an approach to change this specific situation. Beside an analysis of current resource consumptions, methods and strategies shall be invented, to optimize the usage of resources. The final goal to be achieved is to gain more output (performance) with less input (of resources).