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Development of an analytical approach for identification and quantification of 5-alpha-androst-16-en-3-one in human milk

: Hartmann, Constanze; Mayenzet, Fabienne; Larcinese, Jean-Paul; Haefliger, Olivier P.; Buettner, Andrea; Starkenmann, Christian


Steroids 78 (2013), No.2, pp.156-160
ISSN: 0039-128X
ISSN: 1878-5867
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IVV ()

A method was developed for the quantification of 5-alpha-androst-16-en-3-one in human breast milk based on application of a stable isotope dilution assay using 5alpha-androst-16-en-3-one-6, 6-d2. The procedure includes extraction of the human milk by hexane with subsequent clean-up of the obtained extract by gel permeation and silica gel column chromatography. The extracted samples were analyzed by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. Using this method 5-alpha-androst-16-en-3-one could be identified and for the first time quantified in a concentration range of 26-155 ng/kg in human milk.