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Thermoelectric power generators based on nanocarbon materials

Poster at Nanotechnology, the Frontiers of Innovation in Science & Industry; The 10th Nano Korea Symposium, August 16-18, 2012, Seoul, Korea
: Rastegar, Mina Alam; Piao, Mingxing; Dettlaff-Weglikowska, Urszula; Kim, Gyutae; Sahakalkan, Serhat; Kolaric, Ivica; Hewitt, Corey A.; Carroll, David L.; Roth, Siegmar

2012, 1 pp.
International Nanotech Symposium <10, 2012, Seoul>
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Carbon Nanotube (CNT); nanocomposite; Nanoelektronik; nanotechnology; Thermoelektrizität; Generator; Energieerzeugung

Nanocarbonic materials (such as carbon nanotubes, graphene flakes, and thin graphite chiplets) have been imbedded in polymers or ceramics to improve their electrical, mechanical and thermal properties. The difficulties in increasing the thermal conductivity together with high values obtained for the electrical conductivity combined with reasonable values for the Seebeck coefficient suggest to use these materials for thermoelectric power generation. In this contribution we report on results on carbon nanotube networks in the polymer PVDF [2] and in aluminum oxide ceramics. In particular, we succeeded in preparing flexible multilayer fabrics of CNT/PVDF, so-called "power felts", which generate a thermoelectric power of about 50 mV at a temperature difference of 90 K between the hot and the cold end of the sample. Nanocarbon networks in aluminum oxide ceramic are developed for application at higher temperatures. First results of increasing the Seebeck coefficient by chemical treatment of the nanocarbonic materials will be presented.