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Accuracy of mean skin temperature calculations and measurements in thermal comfort-related assessment

: Schmidt, Carolin; Wölki, Daniel; Grün, Gunnar; Treeck, Christoph van

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Network for Comfort and Energy Use in Buildings -NCEUB-, London:
7th Windsor Conference "The changing context of comfort in an unpredictable world" 2012. Online resource : 12th-15th April 2012, Cumberland Lodge, Windsor
London: NCEUB, 2012
7 pp.
Windsor Conference "The Changing Context of Comfort in an Unpredictable World" <7, 2012, Windsor>
Conference Paper, Electronic Publication
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People inside spaces are subjected to different inhomogeneous indoor climate conditions like radiation, convection and conduction. Those environmental effects have to be considered in local and global thermal sensation and comfort models. Local models are formulated based on measured skin surface temperatures at different body parts. Global comfort prediction is based on calculated mean skin temperatures taken as input parameter. Thereby, the evaluation of weighted mean skin temperatures is a key parameter which is influenced by several effects. A wide variation of local skin temperatures influences area measurements, if such values are derived from single-point measurements. Additionally results may deviate significantly due to inadequate definitions and interpretations of individual body parts in literature. The paper analyses calculation methods with special focus on accuracy and uncertainty. The dispersion of values is demonstrated, quantified and recommendations are given for body segment definition with respect to measurement positions. Appropriate weighting functions are derived.