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Ageing Material Evaluation and Studies by Nondestructive Technqiues (AMES-NDT) - A European Network Project

: Dobmann, G.; Debarberis, L.; Coste, J.-F.

Raj, B.:
Materials Ageing and Life Management. Vol. 2
New Delhi: Allied Publishers, 2000
ISBN: 81-7764-087-9
International Symposium on Materials Ageing and Life Management (ISOMALM) <2000, Kalpakkam, Indien>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IZFP ()
AMES (Ageing Materials Evaluation & Studies); EURATOM; Materialermüdung; Lebensdauer; Lebensdauerabschätzung; Lebensdauerberechnung

The paper presents results obtained in a round robin action organized in a concerted action of 10 partners in the EURATOM program of the European Community. The objective of the research was to document the state of the art of available non-destructive testing techniques in order to characterize material aging phenomena based on a reduction of Sharpy V energy and a shift in the fracture appearance transition temperature. Therefore samples from the Japanese nuclear reactor pressure vessel JRQ-steel (ASMT Standard A533-B Class 1) have been thermally treated at 700°C for 18 hours with a subsequent water quenching. Besides micro-magnetic and electromagnetic NDT the positron annihilation technique, ultrasonic reverberation by using Laser ultrasonics and the thermo-electrical power have been applied to characterize the aged material states.