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Thermal nanoimprint resist for the fabrication of high-aspect-ratio patterns

: Messerschmidt, M.; Schleunitz, A.; Spreu, C.; Werner, T.; Vogler, M.; Reuther, F.; Bertz, A.; Schift, H.; Grüzner, G.


Microelectronic engineering 98 (2012), pp.107-111
ISSN: 0167-9317
Journal Article
Fraunhofer ENAS ()

We report a newly developed thermal nanoimprint (T-NIL) resist specifically engineered for the implementation in a bilayer system rendering the fabrication of high-aspect-ratio patterns. The synthesis of the T-NIL resist was accomplished by applying a free radical copolymerization of adequate comonomers. Due to the modular architecture of the terpolymer, the rather different material properties are directly adjusted by varying the amount of the comonomers and also by tuning the polymerization conditions like temperature and the amount of initiator. Following this synthetic strategy, the Si content for a sufficient oxygen plasma resistance as well as an excellent flowability behavior for a significant reduction of the overall processing cycle time could be easily achieved. Moreover, the already good mould release properties of the pure T-NIL resist can be further improved by the addition of a small amount of a fluorinated additive leading to a very low defect rate of the imprinted structures.