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Verfahren zur Herstellung ligninhaltiger Precursorfasern sowie Carbonfasern

Method for producing precursor fibres and carbon fibres containing lignine
: Lehmann, A.; Ebeling, H.; Fink, H.-P.

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EP 20110004131 A: 20110518
Patent, Electronic Publication
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Producing a lignin-containing precursor fiber for producing carbon fibers and/or activated carbon fibers, comprises (a) providing a solution comprising at least one kind of lignin and at least one fiber-forming polymer in at least one solvent, and (b) introducing the solution into a coagulation bath by extruding through a spinneret, where the lignin precursor fiber precipitates. Independent claims are also included for: (1) the precursor fiber for producing carbon fibers comprising (in wt.%) at least one kind of lignin (10, 20-60), at least one kind of fiber-forming polymer (90, preferably 40-80), optionally a strength of at least 10 cN/tex, preferably at least 20 cN/tex, and/or optionally an modulus of elasticity of at least 1000 cN/tex, preferably at least 1300 cN/tex; (2) producing the carbon fiber, comprising stabilizing the precursor fiber at 100-400[deg] C, and carbonizing at greater than 800[deg] C under inert conditions; and (3) the carbon fiber produced by the above method.