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Stimuli-responsitive Beschichtung

Stimuli-responsive coating
: Stake, A.; Stenzel, V.; Steffan, K.L.; Rembielewski, J.

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DE 102011075773 A: 20110512
Patent, Electronic Publication
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The invention relates to a method for producing a substrate having a stimuli-responsive coating, comprising the following steps: a) providing a liquid component A, comprising constituents for forming a two-dimensionally or three-dimensionally cross-linked polymer V; b) providing a liquid component B, comprising a polymer P having (i) a first, hydrophobic, oleophobic domain and (ii) a second, hydrophilic domain, and optionally (iii) a structural element S for binding to the cross-linked polymer V that can be formed from component A, wherein the structural element S is provided on the side of the polymer P that is opposite the first domain; c) providing a substrate; d) bringing components A and B in contact with one another in the liquid state; e) applying components A and B to the substrate; f) polymerizing and cross-linking polymerizable and cross-linkable constituents of component A on the substrate to form polymer V; and g) binding polymers P from component B to polymer V, such that the polymer P is present in a configuration and quantity on the side of the coating that faces away from the substrate such that the contact angle of water is = 30 DEG and the contact angle of n-hexadecane is = 60 DEG on said side of the coating.