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CardLab. A Java Card Benchmarking Environment

CardLab. Eine Java Card Benchmark Umgebung
: Weißenberg, Norbert

3rd Gemplus Developers Conference 2001. Proceedings : Paris, France, June 2001
Paris, 2001
Gemplus Developers Conference <3, 2001, Paris>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer ISST ()
Java Card; smartcard; benchmarking

Java smart cards are revolutionising the smart card market, mainly due to their platform-independence, ease of programming, security, multi-functionality and dynamic upload features. Performance of Java smart cards becomes increasingly important. This paper presents CardLab, an evaluation method for Java smart cards, consisting of a benchmarking and performance measurement environment and a complementing qualitative analysis. The CardLab prototype represents a powerful environment for card manufacturers to check the quality and performance of their card systems and to compare it to others, as well as for the card issuers to select a particular card system.